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Bisk Farm  Gold finger Remix Masala

Gold finger Remix Masala

Masaledar and Munchy , Gold Finger is a must for every one.

Bisk Farm  Gold finger Chatpata Spice

Gold finger Chatpata Spice

Chatpata and Chulbuli Gold Finger is a great time pass.

Bisk Farm  Gold finger Tamatar Twist

Gold finger Tamatar Twist

Tamatar Twist makes Gold Finger Rocking.

Bisk Farm  Boom – Cheesy Thrills

Boom – Cheesy Thrills

Cheesy Thrills – Cheese Herb & Onion Flavour

Bisk Farm  Boom – Chilli Mexicana

Boom – Chilli Mexicana

Boom – Chilli Mexicana Sunkissed Tomato Flavour

Bisk Farm  Boom Desart Spice

Boom Desart Spice

Round and round, sparkling with spice and tasty in bite

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