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Bisk Farm  Thin Arrowroot

Thin Arrowroot

The classic arrowroot taste!

Bisk Farm  MARIE


The classic sweet biscuit

Bisk Farm  Vitamin Marie

Vitamin Marie

Vitamin Marie , packed with incredible power of Vitamin A,B,D and E . Take a bite to go from you to Super you.

Bisk Farm  Wheat Marie

Wheat Marie

Bisk Farm  Sugar Free Petit Beurre

Sugar Free Petit Beurre

The taste of France without sugar.

Bisk Farm  The Top

The Top

This Salty Buttery Biscuit has redefined biscuit eating . This biscuit promises to be on The Top of you mind always.

Bisk Farm  Top Gold

Top Gold

If The Top is a landmark in Biscuit history , then TOP Gold will the crowning Glory . Butter & Cheese blended together in the perfect marriage.

Bisk Farm  TOP HERBS


The flavour of aromatic herb makes Top Herbs a tasteful experience

Bisk Farm  GOOGLY


Salty biscuits with a sugary twist!

Bisk Farm  Googly Sesame

Googly Sesame

Crispy bakes with sesame topping

Bisk Farm  Almond Thinz

Almond Thinz

The lightest almond bakes in town!

Bisk Farm  Milk Thinz

Milk Thinz

Milk Thinz . The thinnest,lightest,tastiest biscuit you can bite into!

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