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Bisk Farm  Digestive


Rich in fibre , nature fresh . Digestive is the biscuit that balances your hectic and chaotic life style . Gives you back the punch to carry on.

Bisk Farm  Multi Grain ATC

Multi Grain ATC

All the goodness of Five Grains packed into 1 solid biscuit.

Bisk Farm  Glucose Champ

Glucose Champ

Biscuits filled with glucose power

Bisk Farm  Elaichi Wonder

Elaichi Wonder

Biscuits with a touch of elaichi!

Bisk Farm  Butter Plus

Butter Plus

More butter in every bite!

Bisk Farm  Milkuit


Milk was always healthy , but it never tasted better that now . Milkuit the delicious taste of health.

Bisk Farm  Butter Biscotti

Butter Biscotti

Real Butter in every bite . Butter Biscotti is a artisan’s delight in every bite.

Bisk Farm  Coco Malai

Coco Malai

Coconut finds itself embedded in the very heart of this biscuit . Coco Malai is a must for all Coconut lovers.

Bisk Farm  Cashew +

Cashew +

More cashew in every bite!

Bisk Farm  Choco Plus

Choco Plus

More chocolate in every bite!

Bisk Farm  Nice


A perfect mix of Coconut and Sugar sprinkling , gives NICE a heady concoction .

Bisk Farm  Just Ginger

Just Ginger

If there was ever a biscuit , that spelled Class , it would inevitably be Just Ginger. This biscuit has a die hard following.

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