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Bisk Farm  Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Cream Cracker Sugar Free

The Cream of all Crackers. You just won’t know where the Sugar disappeared. A true gem in our portfolio.

Bisk Farm  Masala Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Masala Cream Cracker Sugar Free

Sugar free biscuits with a pinch of masala.

Bisk Farm  Crispy Cream Cracker

Crispy Cream Cracker

The crispiest and thinnest cracker on the block . A product of our laborious R&D . Crispy Cream Cracker is a revelation in every bite

Bisk Farm  Snackies


Cheese, butter and tomato, all in one bite!

Bisk Farm  Half Half

Half Half

Sweet or Salty , this eternal debate continues with Half Half. This cracker is legendary in status and finds itself in the hall of fame .

Bisk Farm  Spicy


Tasty, tangy, crispy, …. the best biscuit for your tea.

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  • Biskfarm Indiaah introduces its newest range of snacks-Chikki. Available in 2 variants, our Rice Chikki and Peanut Chikki are made from the best crispy nuts and rice bonded with jiggery and sugar sy

  • Spicy