Just Baked

Bisk Farm entered the retail space with Just Baked in 2009. Just Baked is an endeavour to indulge the consumer in a premium Bisk Farm experience. Presently operating in the city of Kolkata with 42 outlets.

Just baked concentrates on their snacking haven, by providing the urban consumer space to take a break from the hectic fast life. These Just Baked outlets have a subtle, understated and a contemporary decor appealing to all. The decor exudes the premium-ness of the delectable Savouries, Confectionaries and Breads topped off with a range of hot and cold beverages.

On display is a range of fresh products from Burgers, Pizza, Patties, Pastries, Cakes, Breads, Coffees and other Savouries and Confectioneries. That’s not all the BISK FARM portfolio has a lot more to offer with its complete range of packaged products. Moving further, Just Baked aims to build on their expertise and expand to 100 outlets in and around the city of Kolkata. Thereby establishing a prominent presence in the retail space.

, Just Baked


Store address- 5/1, AJC Bose Road, Elgin, Kolkata
Phone No- +91 9230033256